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Recent Testimonials

I think this team is by far the most useful trading community that I have ever been with. Ben is truly a professional author and in addition to great articles and analysis, he respects all commenters and patiently answers them.


I feel totally confident in Ben’s analytical skills, as he has skilfully encompassed the benefits of Fibonacci, price patterns, market behavioural patterns, and some of the most reliable indicators. Add relevant fundamentals mixed with extensive trading experience, and that raises the probability of successful trades to levels rarely seen. This is a Trader’s dream.


The author has proven to have a good understanding of the gold market and accordingly, his analysis is valuable. Thanks Ben, for your hard work.


Ben, you are a wise talented and thoughtful trader we are so lucky to have you. Thanks as well to the many great posters on this forum. The combined talent on this forum is huge.

Gold Dog

I just sold my JDST for a small profit. (Small profits add up; my broker says that I’m up 71.75 % YTD under Ben’s guidance. THANKS Ben.)

AR Dog

Ben, thank you for another excellent, well-thought out article. I used to invest mostly with fundamentals and the COT report with a check being the technicals. I think you may have the right mix that fits together well.

Derby Dude

Nice job Ben!


This site is wicked cool, I love it! For me, this is the best membership fee I’ve ever spent. It’s like going to a seminar every day!


Nice Call Ben!


Thanks for all your guidance. You are a money making machine.


Awesomeness - Things are going really well since joining this site for me (bar 1 crazy day). Just over a week ago my account looked sick having mismanaged myself for 4 months. Now things are starting to turn the corner and I finally sold my NUGT for a profit and my oil (BP/Tullow) I expect will soon turn profitable (2% down).

Just a quick thanks as I have sold at the bottoms before and it is really very painful. Confidence in the counts have kept me sound and I hope and expect future flings will be based on sound charts rather than a ‘burning hole in my pocket.’

Thanks to everyone. 

Top top analysis with some pretty sound chart geeks.



Hats off to you and keep doing what you are doing.  Your trading room is the most clear, concise and transparent trading room available.  I love the way you update your trades on a daily and even hourly basis when needed.  I tried a different trading room for a while and it does not compare.


Ben can't thank you enough for creating this opportunity I have been a buy and hold guy for all of my trading life and after an awesome win have lost 75% of my principal over the last couple of years.Since joining here I feel like I have a chance to get back and add to what I had… It really does feel like I'm back in the drivers seat!!! Also to be honest I see how little I know and how much I have to learn but now I'm in the right place at the right time….GO PACK GO!!!



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