About Us

Lone Wolf Publications Ltd was conceived, founded, and is owned and operated by Ben Lockhart.

Ben worked for over ten years in the offshore banking and investments industry, performing a number of roles over a 6+ year period at Barclays Wealth (Isle of Man), and for over 4 years at Zurich International Life Limited (Isle of Man investment provider). He now manages a large private investment portfolio, and divides his time between the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

He began trading in his spare time with his own money a number of years ago, and has studied many forms of technical analysis, but his focus has always been to develop his own methodology/style in order to gain the edge that comes with using tools not available to other market participants. This site has been designed as an outlet for his work, and the indicator available to subscribers is his own creation and wholly proprietary. The realtime charting section has been designed so that users can view trend analysis on multiple timeframes at a glance. These tools allow investors/traders to take a wholistic approach to their analysis of current market direction, and therefore make more consistent market calls.

Lone Wolf itself was founded with the objective of creating a place where traders of all abilities could gather and share tips, tricks and their own analysis, and by doing so improve their results and gain trading consistency. Rather than being spoon-fed trade recommendations, members are encouraged to use the realtime trading charts to develop their own trading and investment styles. The Trading Room is there for users to ask and answer questions about the markets, and take part in a spirit of collective understanding and camaraderie. We hope you will enjoy the user experience.