Brazil Poised For Breakout

by Ben Lockhart (May 02, 2017)
About: EWZ

Brazil has had its fair share of upheaval in the last couple of years, in fact observing it all unfold has been akin to watching a 4 hour marathon of Eastenders endings, with each torrid plot twist leeching seamlessly into a new drama. You can read the latest from Glenn Greenwald via The Intercept here. So with all the disturbance you would probably expect to see a stock market languishing at lows, but actually the opposite is true as the IBovespa and EWZ have made cracking gains in the last year or so.

Potential Biotech Breakout in Play

by Ben Lockhart (Apr 25, 2017)

The landscape seems to be changing within the Biotech sphere. Over the course of the last 6 months we have seen numerous US politicians come out against price gouging activities within the sector, with many taking a general stance that pricing is perhaps too high. Certainly Hillary Clinton was vocal on the matter (Bernie Sanders still is), and while we have heard rumblings from President Trump’s administration we have heard nothing concrete in terms of a plan to tackle the issue. Until recently that is.

Metals Turning Down From Resistance

by Ben Lockhart (Apr 23, 2017)

It has been a while since my last article, simply because we have been busy developing a range of tools for investor and traders to use, but we have now completed renovations to our site and have once again opened our doors to the general public, and that in turn has freed me up to write a bit more regularly. We have added a great many new features of which you can avail yourselves, and I think you are going to like the tools on offer - certainly we do, and our fine tuning has been paying dividends over the last 3 months.

Lone Wolf Is Back

by Ben Lockhart (Apr 23, 2017)

We are back.

Inflection Point in the Metals

by Ben Lockhart (Nov 22, 2016)

After a blistering run into the summer which I must confess I botched for the most part, the gold bulls have since dropped back to earth with a bang and we now appear to be at another inflection point in the metals. Bang on cue we have been bombarded with a litany of crazy opinion pieces, something I have actually enjoyed reviewing since it has been quite a while, and my takeaway is that not much in this sphere has changed in truth - the permabulls are still permabullish; the crash merchants continue to peddle doom, and (quite comfortingly really) the Ellioticians are still perched squarely on top of that fence. 

In Chess the Pawns Go First

by Ben Lockhart (Apr 18, 2016)

It has been a little while since my last article, but not a lot has changed in terms of the gold (GLD) price since then. It put on an extra $30 then dropped back a touch and is now trading about 1% lower overall - a pretty boring sideways grind one way or another.

Equity Rally Underway, But First Test of the Bulls Comes This Week

by Ben Lockhart (Feb 28, 2016)
About: SPY XVG

In my last couple of articles on global equities, I made the point that various breadth and sentiment metrics were indicating a rally lay in our immediate future and we could look forward to a decent bounce in the S&P500. That expectation proved to be correct and we have now rallied above initial resistance, gaining just under 2% for the week and clawing back a 6% loss to finish the month in positive territory, something that has happened only 8 times since 1970.

Weekend Reading (Feb 28, 2016)

by Ben Lockhart (Feb 28, 2016)

We’ll start this week off with two good articles on the state of the market. The first comes from the guys at The Fat Pitch and is an excellent summary of the trend in progress with very realistic and feasible expectations for the coming month; the second comes from  resident stock market ‘stato’ Ryan Detrick, writing for LPL Research on February’s statistical performance and the advent of Leap Day this coming Monday. Some interesting points in both. Our own chart with annotated primary count in white is below.

3 Charts That Say A Rally Is Underway In Stocks

by Ben Lockhart (Feb 20, 2016)
About: SPY

What a difference a week makes. Since putting in a low at 1802.50 on February 11th, we have rallied an impressive 133 points in the ES Minis contract (S&P500 futures) to close this week at 1914. All in all the large caps (SPX) gained 2.84%, and the small caps (RUT) gained 3.91% and we are now poised to rally higher over the next month or so. We were perhaps a little early in our purchase of long positions in the stock market (see my last article here) but it hasn’t taken much time at all to recover those small losses and my original bullish thesis is still very much on track. Here are three charts that point to a rally ahead. 

Weekend Reading (Feb 13, 2016)

by Ben Lockhart (Feb 13, 2016)

In the news this week was the announcement that Morgan Stanley are to pay $3.2B for their role in misleading investors over mortgage backed securities. This may sound like a lot of money (it is a lot of money) but it pales in comparison to Bank of America who paid $16.65B to settle their own liability with the New York Attorney General’s office.

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